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Indian Buffet In Glasgow


Buffets in Glasgow are fantastic. Especially when they’re an Indian buffet – a whack of great curries and more, there for the taking. What more can you want?

It’s a really convenient way to try some new food. If you don’t like it then there’s always more choices that you can go back to instead. And if you do – there’s a new favourite for you to order next time you come!

If you’re new to Indian cooking then an Indian buffet is the way to go. Even if you aren’t and you know exactly what you want out of buffets in Glasgow, then there are still plenty of advantages. Buffets mean that you can decide your own portion size: big or small, you’re the boss. A little bit of this and a lot of that; it’s up to you. An Indian buffet is the sensible option if you’re a foodie that can’t make their mind up which meal to have tonight.


When you’re looking for buffets in Glasgow, you’ve got to come on down to The Indian Cottage. We know how to lay on a great-tasting spread.  You don’t even have to come down on any particular day – our buffet is on seven nights a week. It doesn’t get more convenient than that.

Whether your schedule’s a bit tight or you’re caught by a passing fancy for an Indian buffet one evening, we’ve got one waiting for you. It’s available from 4.30PM as well so it’s perfect for dinner. You might want to eat early or late. Whichever it is, we’re ready to serve.


You might be wondering what’s cooking in this Indian buffet. We lay on six starters and six main courses, with your choice of rice and naan. Every single one of them is very tasty and you can take as much as you can eat. You’ll be totally spoiled for choice – better make sure you’ve got room.

Come on down to The Indian Cottage. When? Any night works for us. Just call us on 0141 777 8884.

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